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About You

You have a great interest in Cyber Security. You want to start or maybe have already started your career in Cyber Security. Perhaps as a systems manager or network engineer but you are most interested in the Security aspects. You would prefer to work on Security projects. If you would get the chance to kickstart your career in Security you would do it. Relocating to The Netherlands makes it even better! You have the talent, you have the brains, you are ready to go!


About Us

We are XztendIT and we are a bridge. Bridges connect people, bridges connect companies, bridges connect people with companies. Bridges connect talent with exciting Security projects. XztendIT takes you from wanting to doing. We are the connection between our clients’ Security projects and the talent needed to execute them successfully. We seek out the best, exciting and most innovative projects and connect these with the right talent. We are the bridge between project and talent, between future dreams and future reality. We are XztendIT.


About Our Clients

Our clients rely on us to find the right talent for their most important projects. Projects that will partly define the future successes of our clients’ require the right Security talent. Our clients have extensive needs for Security solutions in their IT infrastructure in The Netherlands. That need is growing because of regulatory pressure but mostly because of the Digitalization of our clients’ business. Our clients are evolving into fully Digital companies and they need robust Security solutions to be able to do that. Our clients rely on XztendIT to find the right, the best Security talent for their Digital Transformation!


About The Combination

Digital Transformation takes us into a new and exciting world of never before seen possibilities. Technology makes future dreams possible. Companies that know how to maximize those possibilities will be the winner. However these technological possibilities also introduce risks. Bad actors are able to act on these risks and cause damage. Cyber Security experts are tasked with minimizing these risk and preventing damage.

It’s only by combining the right talent with the right Cyber Security projects at the right clients that we can experience all the possibilities of the Digital Future. That’s the winning combination.